A Commitment to Excellence

We have a core team of conscientious, quality-oriented professionals. Many have been working for Pacific Aquascape International for over 20 years. Our team members take pride in their work and enjoy being part of our mission to create maximum value for our clients.

This in-house, skilled & diversified workforce enables Pacific Aquascape International to have a greater control over labor scheduling and coordinating. This translates into efficient, reliable progress – straight through to completion.

Project Scheduling

We handle the timing and sequencing of all aspects of water feature construction. This includes purchasing material and labor, establishing deadlines, managing any subcontractors, monitoring progress, and ensuring successful project completion.

Project Management

Our experienced managers work tirelessly to meet your schedule, cost, quality, and safety objectives. They take the lead on daily project activities including safety field inspections, reports and communications.

Quality Control

Combining training and experience with pride in workmanship, our construction professionals and skilled laborers work hard to exceed client expectations. Their efforts are supported by a strong company infrastructure that include:

• Open lines of communication with design and engineering teams that provide timely answers to questions that arise in the field.
• Efficient procurement procedures ensuring that materials arrive at the right time and place.
• Supervision by detail-oriented Field Operations Managers who are responsible for daily process at each site.

System Training and Startup

Upon completion, our knowledgeable professionals will educate you and your staff on proper system operation and maintenance. We also provide operations manuals containing drawings, schematics, product literature, and any additional project documentation. These are excellent resources for answering future questions and training new staff.