Beauty and Function Inspired By Nature

Pacific Aquascape International is an industry leader in the design, engineering, and construction of a wide range of water features including:

  • Lakes
  • Streams and Waterfalls
  • Manmade Rock
  • Wetlands/Flood Control
  • Entry Features
  • Fountains and Pools
  • Irrigation and Pump Stations

We have produced thousands of breathtaking water features worldwide and have set many industry standards of excellence. Sensitive to the unique character of each property, our water environments harmonize with nature. In fact, it is often difficult to distinguish between a Pacific Aquascape International feature and the work of Nature, herself!

Your Partner From Concept Through Completion

While complete design-build projects enable us to deliver the best value, you can enlist our assistance at any project phase, from design to construction. Take maximum advantage of or vast experience, client-centered approach, and value-engineering process by working with us at the earliest design stages.